Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary new opportunities for the entire economy

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI-supported applications brings revolutionary new possibilities for the entire economy. We open these new possibilities to companies to achieve business benefits. Most companies have data in different formats that result from different business processes and archive them. We can revive this data and deliver insights that can be translated into immediate business value.

Together with 4Quant, we operate the joint venture AI First, with which we promote the distribution of AI applications in Switzerland. Our focus here is on topics such as "data science" and "machine/deep learning". These disciplines have great potential in today's data-driven business world. In AI First, we combine our decades of experience in classic disciplines such as requirements engineering, software development, user experience and IT operations with pioneering AI expertise. We know the market, the customers and the customers' data, and know how and where to leverage artificial intelligence for business success.

We help you make the transition from AI experiments to productive AI solutions that generate immediate business value. We have already proven this ability with a string of business-relevant applications currently deployed in production.

Achieve real business value with AI applications

AI-controlled technologies have the potential to optimize established processes in companies and thus generate verifiable business value. To exploit this potential, companies often lack both technical and consulting knowledge. We offer exactly this from a single source.

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