Smart 3-D Secure solution with AI engine

Finaro is a smart payments provider and fully licensed bank, providing cross-border processing for e-commerce and omni-channel payments. The company’s core gateway technology, SourceTM, provides a streamlined payments experience designed to enable merchants to reach their full business potential, simply by managing their payments better. 

The Challenge

Finaro sought a technology partner that could offer an advanced, EMV 3-D Secure-compliant core technology that would work well with its proprietary Smart 3-D Secure offering and ensure compliance with the latest PSD2 and SCA requirements. The technological partnership between Netcetera and Finaro gives Finaro's merchants the benefit of unprecedentedly high acceptance rates, resulting in a significant competitive edge in an increasingly saturated online commerce market.

The Solution

Compliancy and competitive edge

Netcetera’s network-certified 3-D Secure Server enables convenient and secure EMV® 3DS transactions. Reducing the risk for non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds and lost revenue, it also establishes a frictionless flow and improves the cardholder experience while shopping online.

Finaro and Netcetera’s 3-D Secure technology provides Finaro's merchants with a fully comprehensive 3DS solution that leverages artificial intelligence to combat fraud and increase transaction approvals, without requiring any additional integration beyond Finaro's payment API.

Finaro's Smart 3-D Secure ensures that merchants fully comply with PSD2 requirements for Strong Consumer Authentication. The solution is an integral part of Finaro's comprehensive Risk Management Suite, offering merchants compelling business benefits such as: improved conversions, optimized checkout processes, reduced fraud, and protection from fraudulent chargeback liability.



Building on Netcetera’s industry-leading 3-D Secure technology, together with our cutting-edge technological expertise and AI capabilities, enables us to offer our merchants the added advantage of compliance with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements mandated by PSD2, and with it, a competitive edge.

Moshe Selfin

CTO, COO of Finaro

A unified, optimized solution for managing and protecting merchant 3-D Secure activities.

A smart AI engine which analyses and advises on 3DS employment, both per transaction and according to individual merchant business preferences

Support of both protocols - 3DS 1.0 and EMV® 3DS (2.x) - with seamless transition between protocols

In-app SDK support for Android and iOS, for a frictionless mobile app experience

The Results

By implementing Netcetera’s core technology, Finaro’s latest Smart 3-D Secure now offers an advanced authentication layer - making shopper authentication simple and secure and supporting all protocols - and a fully comprehensive mobile application SDK. In addition, Finaro’s 3-D Secure Adviser contains an AI-based flexible decision layer that analyses each transaction in real time, while selecting the best 3DS routing taking into account risk assessment and exemption management.

“Smart 3-D Secure improves approval rates by up to 13%”



Through our partnership with Finaro, we are not only bringing a state-of-the-art 3-D Secure technological edge to their highly sophisticated merchant solution, but also further evolve and elevate the digital excellence of our own products. We achieve this by constantly evolving our solutions, following the requirements of the end user in the flow – the merchant. We consider our cooperation with Finaro to be an absolute showcase for bringing value to the evolving requirements of the merchant segment, and to the entire payment ecosystem.


EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC

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