The latest FIDO solution for easy secure payments

PLUSCARD is a full-service processor for numerous card-issuing institutions across Germany. It is a long-standing player, with over 25 years of experience on the market.

The Challenge

PLUSCARD wanted to extend their offering with an authentication method for online transactions which complied with PSD2 strong customer authentication standards (SCA) and is independent of mobile apps and not relying on potentially insecure SMS-OTPs.

The Solution

Netcetera provides a FIDO compliant authentication service that works with platform authenticators, built into PC and smartphone OS as well with roaming authenticators. The latter are usually represented by hardware tokens which can be used with desktops or laptops and even mobile devices to authenticate transactions. Authentication is handled via a physical security module built into the hardware (device/token). Customers can use existing FIDO tokens they already own or order one from their bank. Registration of the FIDO authenticator is done on a dedicated registration portal. The authenticator is linked to the credit card and will be used for customer authentication in online card transactions.



Customers without a mobile device now have the possibility to approve their online payments conveniently and securely with the FIDO token or the built-in authenticator in their computers and mobile devices. Together with Netcetera, we have implemented a future-proof solution in accordance with the FIDO standard.

Thomas Niederauer

Produktmanager PLUSCARD

Secure unlimited online credit card payments without a mobile device

User friendly 3DS payment for clients without a smartphone

High level payment security with 2-factor authentication

Increased turnover with less interruptions to online purchases

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