Netcetera and DPG

Partnering to balance security and customer experience

Leading Swiss software company Netcetera is supporting the Digital Payments Group (DPG), a UK-based company, with business-critical digital solutions to secure the servicing of its issuing bank customers. This future-focused partnership aims towards easier customer adoption of the PSD2 ready-made solutions

Digital Payments Group (DPG), a market-leading Payments Issuing Processor, is partnering with Netcetera, an international expert in secure digital payments. This partnership benefits the global DPG banking customers from Netcetera’s 3-D Secure, regulatory-compliant, reliable, and up-to-date payment platform services.

Netcetera’s multi-client 3-D Secure Issuer Service is built around a state-of-the-art Access Control Server (ACS), certified with all major card networks. It is a Payment Service Directive (PSD2) ready solution which supports the regulatory’ s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement. Being certified with the latest EMV® 3DS protocols 2.1 and 2.2 enables the best use of the latest security improvements. In addition, Netcetera ACS is the first worldwide certified with the EMV® 3-D Secure 2.3.1 protocol. The Company’s Access control server stands behind and promotes secure transaction authentication worldwide.  Supported by Netcetera’s ACS, DPG will be able to provide its bank customers with a one-click mobile app (OOB), one-time passcode (OTP), and risk-based authentication (RBA) use cases for seamless user authentication during payment.

Founded in 2014, DPG offers a wide range of payment solutions to issuing banks, built on a homegrown PCI DSS-compliant platform certified by Mastercard and Diners Club International to issue prepaid and debit products.

“DPG processes millions of transactions daily for our issuing bank clients and their global customers,” said DPG Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Stewart Sime. “The addition of Netcetera’s 3DS offering brings industry-leading authentication technology to enhance security and compliance without impacting the end-user experience.”

Benoit Ouinas, Netcetera Head of Sales for Western and Northern Europe, said: “Our 3DS and ACS services are well-established across Europe and UK, and this partnership will help us to increase that footprint further among issuers. DPG will be an important ally in driving 3DS adoption and ultimately enhancing payments with excellent customer experience.

The mission of the two companies is to cultivate progress in digital payments by offering solutions that enable best-in-class customer experience.

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