PostFinance: E-banking app, mobile contactless payment and 3-D Secure processes

PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions. It is the reliable partner for 2.6 million private and business customers managing their own finances.

With the launch of the first iOS banking smartphone app in 2010 together with Netcetera, we positioned ourselves as an innovative financial institution. With continuous improvements and the relaunch in 2021, we can offer our customers a great digital banking experience thanks to Netcetera's extensive business and technology know-how.

Shaun Baumberger

Head of Website and Mobile Apps

The challenge

Customers are used to an easy and frictionless e-banking experience on their computer. They expect the same or an even a better experience with their smartphone. That is what PostFinance wants to offer their customers: a state-of-the art mobile banking app which impresses with the maximum simplicity in the use and management of banking products and meets the highest security standards.

The solution

E-banking app with mobile contactless payment, compliant with latest 3-D Secure and FIDO standards

The e-banking app provides a simple and convenient overview of finances, secure payments, up-to-date stock market information and other functions. PostFinance was the first financial institution in Switzerland offering their customers an app with payment function. The app was honored with Best of Swiss Apps and Best of Swiss Web awards.

Android phone users can choose the mobile contactless payment option via NFC at the cash register, directly in the existing e-banking app. With the apps focus on accessibility, it also enables blind users to make secure card payments.

Implementing FIDO standards and 3-D Secure dynamic and strong authentication simplifies not only app login and payment authorization with biometric functions, but also offers convenient login on the desktop computer. The faster and safer processes lead to a high customer acceptance and satisfaction. A password or the physical card reader is not needed anymore. Digital onboarding of new customers is now easier and more secure.

Features and benefits


mobile banking app with payment feature


on card terminals via NFC with Android smartphones


via biometrics (fingerprint or face ID)


Best of Swiss Web and
Best of Swiss App awards


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