LianLian Global, is a leading cross-border payments company, that provides services including cross-border funds collection, global acquiring, cross-border financing, and FX business, helps world-class retailers such as Amazon, Fnac and Kaufland quickly and securely process payments. It is trusted by more than 1.1 million ecommerce entrepreneurs, leading partners, and global marketplaces and platforms.

The challenge

Securing the global online transactions to some of the world biggest retailers and expanding the cross-border collaboration.

As LianLian Global look to extend their markets even further abroad, they needed to ensure top-level security against fraud in payment, and selected Netcetera.

The solution

The 3DS server of Netcetera, being fully compliant with all EMV specifications and successfully used by various global customers, was detected as the best solution for secure authentication of online payments processes by LianLian Global.

Features and Benefits

Frictionless flow of the transactions and improved cardholder experience

Netcetera offers 3DS Server on-premise or 3DS Server Software as a Service

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Hanspeter Jsler

Location Director Singapore

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