Clinic Cockpit

All patient information at a glance

Clinic Cockpit supports you in clinical decisions for an increase in the quality of care.

The Clinic Cockpit is optimized for mobile use on the tablet and can also be handled as a web-based solution on inpatient PCs and ward round trolleys. You can see your patient record on the tablet and directly enter information, give orders, and view patient charts and lab values.



With the intuitive and clear operation, you receive a structured overview in the respective patient and case context, e.g., of cardiological, pathological, endoscopic findings, OP reports, a compact and expandable fever curve, as well as the laboratory values at any time, also over time.

The Klinic Cockpit offers preconfigured settings for use depending on whether you are an internist, a surgeon, a nurse on a ward or in functional areas, or an administrative staff member.


The Klinic Cockpit presents your patient data in a clear, structured, and intuitive way according to your needs, whether for ward and bed planning, access to the complete electronic patient record during rounds, or for connection to registers or research databases.


The modern HTML5 technology used allows the module to be easily integrated into most modern primary systems.



The Clinic Cockpit offers interfaces to the internal electronic patient record, to the telematics infrastructure as well as the primary systems of the hospital for location-independent processing of the patient record.  


With Netcetera Clinic Cockpit you get all patient information at a glance, no matter from which system. We show you how. Get in touch now:

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