PSD2-SCA final countdown: Are you ready?

PSD2 SCA goes live in early 2021. And still only 10-30% of all 3DS transactions are 2.x protocol based. This latest protocol is the key to make full use of exemptions and providing a frictionless flow.

Shortly before the deadline, we once again turned our attention to this topic. Our experts gave all the players in the ecosystem an overview of the most important cornerstones, insights and useful tips, but above all, they focused on specific questions, such as:

✅ What are the requirements by Mastercard and VISA?
✅ How can merchants test their 3DS compliance?
✅ What to consider in the last weeks before PSD2 SCA becomes effective?
✅ What could be potential scenarios at the beginning of 2021?

Are you itching to know more about a specific topic?

Let us know and we will take it up in one of the webinars!