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Get condensed and up-to-date information on a key payment and banking topic or a technical product introduction, without the usual sales pitch. Depending on the topic, we may invite guest speakers. Every two weeks, we offer you the latest from the payment world with a keynote presentation, voting and interactive Q&A.

With these 45-minute sessions, hosted by one of our payment experts, we are addressing decision makers, managers and experts from card issuers, banks, payment service providers and merchants.



Why are we doing this webinar series?

„We have seen that digital payments have become a complex topic with many facets. The combination of digital payment standards, new technologies and regulations with a good User Experience is challenging. Sharing the practical implications and opportunities in a condensed and concise way is a key benefit for the listener. We want to share our experiences from more than 2000 successful customer projects and bring value to the payment industry.“

Kurt Schmid

Managing Director of Digital Payments, Netcetera

Recordings of past webinars

Click to Pay: A new shopping experience with a simple, fast and convenient checkout

In this webinar we will answer some key questions about what Click to Pay is and how it works.

PSD2 SCA being effective – First results, observations and recommendations

PSD2 SCA has come into force in most countries. What is next? We shared the first results and observations in this webinar.

European Payment Initiatives

This webinar gives insights on the various bodies and initiatives, explores options that are less dependent on payment systems that are abroad, and indicates what a European Payment Scheme could look like.

Simplifying the Checkout Experience with 3DS SDK and Delegated Authentication

With PSD2 SCA in effect, a seamless checkout for merchant websites and apps is key to converting potential shoppers into buyers. This webinar will focus on two important technologies that merchants can and should implement.

Value Added Service around payments

The payment process can be made more attractive for consumers by offering services that bring extra value. In this webinar we will give an overview of such Value Added Services (VAS); explain how issuers, merchants and other providers can offer up-selling and further consumer benefits around payments; show best practice examples of VAS implementations around payments.

APIs in Payment and Banking: Is Open Banking an Opportunity or a Risk?

This webinar explains the existing standards for open banking, where it is used today, its risks and  the opportunities it creates for the future.

The pandemic as a catalyst for digital payments

Six months of the Corona crisis have changed the way we pay. We have assessed the impact of the pandemic on the payment sector and made an initial analysis.

Covid-19 and the impact on the future of payments

Watch the recording to learn about the potential implications of the Corona pandemics for the payment and banking sector.


Network Tokenization for merchants and PSPs: Benefits and Opportunities

Watch the recording to learn how network tokenization increases e-commernce conversion.


PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 and how to implement a seamless experience in merchants apps

This webinar shows why it was necessary to launch 3-D Secure versions 2.1. and 2.2. protocal in a relatively short time.

Delegating authentication to Merchants

This webinar will helps to understand the details of delegated authentication and the requirements needed to bring it to live.

PSD2 Acquirer Exemptions and Delegated Authentication

Learn how PSD2 SCA Acquiring exemptions & delegated authentication can be used right at the start of the transaction flow for a smoother & more trusted user experience.

Best practice for issuer apps & wallets

This webinar presents the best practice example and the UX design of functions to meet new requirements of consumers that want to be in control.

How to increase conversion of 3DS transactions – even with PSD2 becoming effective

This webinar shows how to increase the performance of their 3DS solution, with the ultimate goal to increase conversion and their cardholders’ satisfaction, while preventing fraud and staying compliant with regulations

SRC and Network Tokenization as upcoming technologies to improve the checkout experience

This webinar outlines new technologies and what opportunities they bring to merchants, PSPs and acquirers.

Secure Remote Commerce: A game changer for guest checkouts?

This webinar explains the details and concepts of SRC, how to integrate it in web shops, and the benefits it brings to merchants, PSPs, and acquirers.

Are you PSD2 ready? Get deep insights into PSD2 legislation and exemptions

Watch this free webinar to find out how to be PSD2 compliant while improving customers’ shopping experience!

How to bring mobile payments to the POS

This webinar explains what an issuer needs to support mobile POS payments, including the background of tokenization using MDES and VTS, as well as green path provisioning for OEM Pays.

Increase the online conversion rate with EMV® 3-D Secure Technology

Watch this webinar to discover how PSPs, acquirers and merchants in South East Asia benefit from EMV® 3-D Secure technology!

Balancing Security and Convenience in E-Commerce Transactions

Learn INFORM and Netcetera are bringing merchants, acquirers, and card issuers up to speed with the latest developments in the payment ecosystem.

The power of secure digital payments. The road to boost conversion rates.

At this joint webinar with Seamless Middle East we explored how global changes and challenges, such as the COVID pandemic, had highlighted the need for more robust payment systems and solutions to cater for the fast-growing e-commerce world.

How to monetize distributed ledger technologies (DLT) based asset tokens as issuer?

This webinar in Q&A format explains the upcoming use-cases of digital assets tokenization like shares, real estate or investment funds. 

PSD2-SCA final countdown: are you ready?

PSD2 SCA goes live in early 2021. Shortly before the deadline, we once again turned our attention to this topic. Our experts gave all the players in the ecosystem an overview of the most important cornerstones and answered questions.

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