Real time testing and an instant detailed view of the transaction results

New feature of the Mastercard PSD2 Merchant testing platform

All registered and all new users of the Mastercard merchant testing platform now have the ability to do real time testing and to get an instant detailed view of the transaction results. The merchants are able to analyze the transaction details and to quickly detect the reasons for the protocol errors. By doing this, they influence the process to achieve error rates from 3DS 2.x authentications be below 1% and to enable seamless online customer experience.

The 3DS testing platform was launched in August 2020 and it is based on Netcetera’s certified and proven ACS service. Now, all the registered merchants and the new ones to join can benefit from the new feature.

Netcetera constantly works on improvements of its portfolio in order to provide its customers with better services and to enhance the cardholders online payment experience.

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