Real estate valuation platform for Wüest Partner

We developed Wüest Dimensions for the consulting firm Wüest Partner, a pioneering platform for independent real estate valuations.

Wüest Dimensions is available for business customers, partners and employees of Wüest Partner.

Wüest Partner is a consulting firm specializing in the construction and real estate markets, and in urban and regional development. With the aim of expanding its core business with comprehensive services, innovative products and exclusive data, Wüest Partner launched the real estate valuation platform, Wüest Dimensions, realized by Netcetera. Wüest Dimensions replaces several existing valuation services and forms the new technical backbone of the Wüest Partner valuation business.

With the help of Wüest Dimensions, registered users can access the comprehensive database owned by Wüest Partner, which they can use to retrieve information online for their own real estate valuations. The platform optimizes and consolidates various workflows. It can accommodate multiple customers and is operated by Netcetera at its own data center. Using Wüest Dimensions, a user's own data, including real estate properties, clients and projects, can be centrally collected and evaluated using multiple methods. Users can also perform various calculations and generate reports.

Wüest Dimensions offers users various comprehensive valuation methods. Hedonic valuations (as single family homes or as condominiums), property valuations, profitability valuations (either account or benefit-oriented) and discounted cash flow valuations can all be performed. GeoData is also available, which, for example, enables the consideration of regional rental costs and property prices. Small-scale valuations, surveys of market values and structural analyses are all possible.

"With the integration of various valuation methods and comprehensive market data, Wüest Dimensions allows us to perform our valuations more comprehensively and efficiently," says Andreas Ammann, partner and Chairman of the Executive Board of Wüest Partner. "Netcetera is the right partner for us. They have supported us perfectly from A to Z with their technical expertise and dedicated perseverance."


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