SV Group and Forward Publishing celebrate successful relaunch of

SV Group is driving the digital transformation of their publishing house, as demonstrated by the smooth system changeover of the widest-reach news portal in the northeast of Germany.

Following the successful relaunch of Schwä about a month ago,, the news portal with the broadest reach in northeastern Germany, is also launching on Netcetera’s new, efficient cloud infrastructure Forward Publishing.

“Using the same technology platform for the digital presences of the two major daily newspapers results in combined effects on a technical and editorial level, which increase efficiency and productivity,” explains Henning Maus, Chief Innovation Officer at SV Group.

The new, technologically, and visually modern online offering presents local and regional news in a clear and high-performance manner. Readers can personalize the home page, use a detailed push function, download the e-paper, and conveniently manage their subscriptions.

Forward Delivery ensures smooth operation and channel-neutral playout of content. The editorial department uses the editor and headless CMS Forward Creation (Livingdocs). “The parallel switch to a headless CMS is part of our overall strategy and will greatly change how we create and process content as a group in the future,” says Henning Maus. The goal, he says, is a digital-first workflow in the editorial offices.

With the successful second relaunch of a major media brand of the publishing house within a few weeks, the SV Group is setting the course for digitizing further business areas. The publisher can rely on Forward Publishing’s expertise and experience and benefit from the economies of scale of the new digital publishing solution for the targeted growth of its brands.   

“We are very proud of what we have achieved with our partners, the strategy consultancy CORE and the SV Group,” sums up Alexander Josef, responsible for the Forward Publishing portfolio at Netcetera. “With this stable, modern, and forward-looking infrastructure, the publishing house can further expand its digital publishing in a future-proof and stable manner.”

Alexander Josef

Head of Solution Forward Publishing

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