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Commitment to accessibility

Managing finances, making payments, or buying tickets online is essential today. However, millions struggle to access these services due to disabilities. Digital accessibility ensures everyone can use websites and services, regardless of ability or environment.

Inclusive digital experiences ensure no one is left behind. From project inception, we focus on providing equal access to content on websites and apps. This involves designing adaptable interfaces and using multiple modalities like audio and visual cues. High-contrast color palettes help users with vision impairments. Prioritizing these elements ensures accessible and seamless user experiences, aligning with our mission to create trusted digital solutions that improve lives globally.

Accessibility in Digital Banking and payments

AI banking assistants

Improving financial inclusion is about more than providing better access to bank accounts. It’s about ensuring that everyone can fully use the services offered by their bank in a way that suits their needs. Our AI banking assistants are transforming financial services by making them accessible to a diverse audience. Key features include:

  • Breaking language barriers
  • Adapting to usability needs

These assistants ensure that everyone can fully utilize banking services in a way that suits their individual needs, fostering a more inclusive financial environment. Our commitment to responsible AI means prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility in all our technological advancements.

PSD3 compliance and inclusivity

The upcoming Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3) is set to revolutionize Digital Banking with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. This new framework addresses: 

  • Customer Authentication
  • Expanded Open Banking Protocols
  • Standardized Procedures

By aligning with PSD3, we enhance security and efficiency and ensure that our services are accessible to all, protecting both businesses and cardholders from evolving fraud threats.

User-centered payment authentication

Our dedication to accessibility starts with our continuous improvement of the 3DS challenge screens for secure digital payment transactions . By adhering to the latest UX/UI design guidelines from the EMV 3DS 2.3.1 protocol, we ensure our screens on web and mobile devices are secure and accessible. Our enhancements include:

  • Optimal Color Combinations: Improving visibility for colorblind users.
  • Improved Content Structure: Making navigation intuitive.
  • Enhanced Typography: Ensuring readability for all users.
  • Semantic HTML and Autofill: Facilitating seamless user interactions on touchscreen devices.

By prioritizing these elements, we create a user experience that is comfortable, trustworthy, and inclusive, meeting WCAG standards .

Inclusive software solutions for diverse needs

Examples of accessible solutions

Paraplegic app prototype for more inclusiveness

We’ve developed a groundbreaking app for preventing pressure points in individuals needing a wheelchair in collaboration with Swiss Paraplegic Research. This app offers preventative and treatment measures, helping users monitor and manage skin conditions effectively. Additionally, it provides secure, encrypted connections to facilitate direct communication with healthcare professionals. This award-winning app showcases our expertise in creating tailored solutions for specific user needs, significantly enhancing the daily lives of paraplegics.

Accessible digital wallets for older adults

Financial inclusion for seniors is a crucial aspect of our social responsibility. Our digital wallets are designed to provide accessible financial services tailored to the unique needs of older adults, ensuring they can easily manage their finances. Enhancing digital inclusion, we help seniors navigate and utilize financial services confidently and independently.

Partnering for a more inclusive future: Membership with W3C

As a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) member, we are at the forefront of developing standards that promote accessibility, internationalization, privacy, and security. This partnership allows us to:

  • Collaborate with Industry Leaders
  • Adopt Best Practices
  • Enhance Web Accessibility for All Users

By aligning with W3C, we contribute to a more inclusive digital environment and ensure our solutions meet the highest accessibility standards.

The intersection of usability and accessibility

By integrating accessibility into every stage of the design and development processes, we comply with standards and create superior user experiences. Engaging real users helps identify and address accessibility barriers, ensuring that software meets the diverse needs of all users.

Inclusive design methods, considering a wide range of user abilities and iterative testing, enhance usability and accessibility. Our agile approach allows us to refine our solutions continuously, making them more intuitive and easier to use. 

Why choose Netcetera?

Investing in accessible technology isn’t just about compliance; it’s about expanding your market reach, enhancing user satisfaction, and demonstrating corporate responsibility. By partnering with Netcetera, you:

Reach a broader audience

Including users with disabilities

Improve customer satisfaction

By providing seamless, inclusive experiences

Enhance brand reputation

As a leader in accessibility and inclusivity

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