Netcetera Self-Sovereign
Identity Solution

Entering the next digital identity age

Identity management is a crucial issue. A digital identity is an electronic representation of a real human being. Creating a digital identity solution is fully about addressing the needs of real people - rather then data. People want to be safe online and have their private data handled with care. Therefore their digital identity should only be shared between parties that interact; and even than, only the minimally required information should be shared.

Today in traditional identity management systems, data is recorded, logged and hopefully well protected in centralized systems. SSI breaks with that approach. Using SSI, your customers’ data ownership is better handled than it has been for the last 20 years: Identity management moves away from personal user data owned and controlled and centrally stored by businesses to personal data owned and controlled and de-centrally stored by the user.

Fast time-to-market

thanks to the white-label approach

Cost-effective solution

with ready-made feature modules

Outstanding customer experience

through various customization options

Proven expertise

in delivering scalable mobile frontend and backend software solutions

Focus on customer co-creation

and differentiating features via continuous updates

With SSI, your customer is at the center and gets protected!

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is the future of identity management - where privacy, data minimization, and other key factors are at stake. As such, SSI is a sustainable digital identity solution that has the potential to serve the needs of the next generation.

Here, our innovative strength kicks in: Build your customers’ identity based on Web 3.0 with our solution, which leverages blockchain technology.

Our SSI solution

Our SSI Platform comes with a white label mobile app, its own backend and an integration layer, offering maximum flexibility when integrating into the customer's system landscape.

Digital ID Use Cases

Trust & Identity

Faster and more cost-efficient business processes

Optimization of your company’s workload

Reduction of costs

Govern & Access


Age Verification

Digital document locker

Authenticate & Authorize

Assured authentication

Digital travel

Digital signing

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