How to monetize distributed ledger technologies (DLT) based asset tokens as issuer?

Tokenization of digital assets based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain provide an open and non-proprietary way in managing and distributing such assets. The DLT technology also offers substantial benefits in paralleling the processing of trading, paying and settling the transactions in a T+0 straight forward processing manner. The ultimate benefit is substantially reducing transaction cost whilst being able to distribute assets across platforms using the DLT technology.

So, how do small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and mid-size corporate clients of banks benefit from the tokenization of these assets?

If compared to the current practices, where we need a tedious mix of paper based and electronic processes to structure transactions on and off book, the DLT technology gives also SME companies the advantage to benefit from the advantages described above i.e, a massive reduction in transaction costs e.g. for the  issuance and trading shares, substantially reducing the barrier to distribute shares and create liquidity trough primary and secondary markets.

This webinar in Q&A format explains the upcoming use-cases of digital assets tokenization like shares, real estate or investment funds. Issuers can learn how to extend their B2B and B2C offering by handling such tokens or be custodians for end-users and companies.

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