Dean Wake debut album „Up North“

Netcetera Cultura supports band of employees

Rock in all its facets, with folk and pop elements: that’s Dean Wake, the band with two of our employees. Since we also support our employees beyond their work life where possible, we contributed to the production of their debut album “Up North” with Netcetera Cultura.

The Dean Wake debut album was released online, produced by the band themselves. You can listen in on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud. The physical CD is also in production. It will distributed at concerts.

Dean Wake are:

  • Thomas Junker (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Matthias Junker (Guitar)
  • Roland Weiss (Bass),
  • Janosch Lehmann (Drum)

For three years, the four musicians have been playing in this composition. They write all their songs themselves. The singer Tom comes up with the basic structure and texts, the other three musicians contribute the instrumental melodies.

The band photo was taken by Thomas Baumann, also a Netcetera employee (you find his portfolio on his website)

Recording of „Dead End“ at their own studio:

Basement session “On The Run”: