"Alles Blau" podcast by Caroline Palla

Netcetera Cultura supports Zurich artist

Netcetera supports "Alles Blau", a podcast by the Zurich artist and screenwriter Caroline Palla. In the tiny talk booth in Pallas’ studio, Swiss artists tell their stories. These are not only very personal, but also build on the societal context.

The artist emphasizes how different her guests are. For example, some see themselves as "part of an artistic collective", others have something of a lone wolf. So far, there are eight episodes of "Alles Blau".

Caroline Palla on "Alles Blau": "The one-on-one interview, the personal narrative, is a specific form of knowledge generation in the tradition of Oral History. Each episode of "Alles Blau" is a puzzle piece that contributes to a larger whole. This creates a many-voiced picture of our time, a time capsule that is relevant to us now and for generations to come."

"Alles Blau" is available on this website and in the iTunes Store in German and can be subscribed to through all major podcast apps (Apple Podcast, Podcast Addict, etc.).

Caroline Palla (left) and Monika Stalder
Caroline Palla (right) and Thomas Müllenbach