Next level of our success story

New business divisions and generational change

For more than 20 years, we have been creating innovative software for a networked world. To continue our success story and to bring Netcetera to the next level, we have segmented our structure into new business divisions. With this step, we have also started a generation change process within our company.

Thanks to the new independent divisions we are closer to our customers and thus optimally prepared for the future. With this step we pave the way for a new generation.

The Executive Management Board of the new organization consists of the following members:

Andrej Vckovski (Chief Executive Officer), Thomas Geier (Chief Financial Officer) and Darko Butina (Chief Investment Officer) and Thomas Zangerl (Chief Operations Officer and a.i. Financial Technologies).

The following members will be part of the extended Executive Management Board:

Kurt Schmid (Digital Payment), Peter Frick (Payment Security), Gabriele Brechbühl (Digital Enterprise), Kiril Milev (Middle East) and Michael Brantschen (Engineering & Operations).

After successfully servicing the company in their management roles for 20 years the following co-founders and Executive Management members will pursue new strategic activities within the Netcetera Group.

Ronnie Brunner, Mike Franz and Hansruedi Vonder Mühll joined the Board of Directors and will support the development of the Netcetera Group through strategic projects and key account management. In addition to his role as Country Manager South East Europe, Krume Dolnenec will further develop the Netcetera-wide sourcing.

Andrej Vckovski, CEO: “With this step and the next management generation, Netcetera is after 20 years growing out of the startup phase. The new business divisions will allow us to maintain customer focus despite growth, decisions will be made more decentralized with increased accountability in the divisions.”