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Pro Juventute Feriennet receives award at Best of Swiss Web 2019

Together with the foundation Pro Juventute, we have realized the Feriennet, the clever and simple booking platform for managed holiday offers in Switzerland. Activities for children, such as pottery, horse riding or theatre, can be easily planned, coordinated and handled with the platform. This means a lot of fun for the children and less stress for their parents during the school holidays. The Best of Swiss Web Award jury honored this smart planning and booking platform in April 2019: Feriennet wins Silver in the category Public Affairs.

Every Swiss child has at least 12 weeks of school holidays a year. Unfortunately, the working parents do not. For this reason, there must be external childcare for these children. For years, there have been local and regional holiday offers throughout Switzerland, so-called "holiday passes". For this purpose, offers such as pottery, riding or theatre play have to be acquired and sponsors found. The organizers used to coordinate and executed these with great time expense. Up to now, they carried out the complicated planning and coordination mainly by hand and the promoted the activities by means of local print publications or simple websites was very cumbersome and laborious.

Together with Pro Juventute we realized the platform "Feriennet". We rethought and reprogrammed the existing solution from scratch together with the company Seantis, which is based in Lucerne. With a fresh, responsive design and many new and smart functions (allocation of children to offers), it has become the indispensable tool of numerous Swiss “holiday passes”. The platform supports the entire planning and coordination process for holiday care with a simple cloud application. At the Best of Swiss Web 2019 the jury awarded the Feriennet with Silver in the category Public Affairs.

The cleverness lies in its simplicity

Pro Juventute would like to support the holiday passes throughout Switzerland with this smart platform and to do so as simple and low-priced as possible. Since 2017, more and more associations have been using this smart planning and booking platform to organize managed holiday offers. By the end of 2018, already more than 80 holiday passes had been activated.

The platform massively reduced the effort for planning and allocating the offers to the children. It leads to more and better offers and reduces the effort for the organization and implementation of any offers. The integrated sponsor management helps to operate this platform at very attractive conditions. The offers can be used at any time and from anywhere with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Some user numbers as of December 2018:

  • more than 120'000 registered users
  • more than 5'000 offers
  • almost 20'000 registered/participating children
  • more than 50,000 bookings

Happy children, parents and providers

Each child can compile his or her wish list from the offers. This also includes a “friends wish” so that the best friends can stay together. The allocation to the offers takes place at the push of a button. Thanks to the built-in «stable-marriage»-algorithm, we achieve the greatest possible wish fulfilment and a balanced utilization of all offers. Thus, the organizing parents benefit in particular, as they no longer have to make such time-consuming allocations manually.


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