Parking management for hospitals

Efficiently allocate parking spaces and save time and resources

Providing the most effective way to work and solving parking problems are among the services employers want to offer their employees today. Both economic and ecological aspects play a major role in this. commuteRANK Parking Management and commuteRANK Analytics are the ideal solution. Administration, allocation, analysis, and sustainability are just some of the valuable functions of efficient parking management.

Many large hospitals are confronted with the question of how their employees travel to work. Challenging are the different needs: between day and night services or the distances between home and work, to name just two examples. The hospitals are looking for solutions to all the concerns of their staff. Fair allocation of available parking spaces. Efficient travel options for all involved. Time and cost savings and sustainability.

Parking spaces require valuable space and are indispensable for companies with 24/7 operations for their employees. But how can this scarce resource be allocated and managed in a sensible and needs-oriented way? Our solutions, CommuteRankAnalytics and CommuteRankParking, offer those responsible the necessary tools to do so.

Markus Dietrich

Head of Sales Digital Enterprise and specialist for healthcare solutions at Netcetera

These are precisely the issues addressed by our commuteRANK Parking Management and commuteRANK Analytics solutions. The parking management systems can be combined, configured according to the hospital's specific needs, and integrated into the company's own system. They offer transparent and automated parking space allocation according to defined and objective criteria. In addition to parking space management, they also promote travel to the destination, considering different modes of transport. For example, bicycle, public transport, car, or walking – combined mobility. Accordingly, they help to reduce the ecological footprint of travelers. For a fair parking allocation, the tools consider all possible modes of transport and suggest the ideal door-to-door route.

The application is very efficient and requires minimal effort from users. Employees can submit their parking requests in real-time on the platform. Specific parameters are then used to allocate parking spaces. The system takes into account the time required and the possibilities of combined mobility. If the relevant criteria are met, a parking space is allocated immediately.

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