Parking Management

Parking management and attribution

commuteRANK Parking Management analyses your organizations’ commuter trip options and fairly attributes limited parking to your employees. It administers their parking requests (yearly as well as occasional/daily parking), mobility subsidies and accounting.

Optimize occupancy and solve your parking problem

Powerful analytics and data visualisation

Automated solution, and less prone to human error

Guarantees transparency and traceability, allowing fair and objective treatment

Contributes to your organizations’ innovative and sustainable image

Easy-to-use interface featuring:

  • An employee interface, including parking requests (yearly as well as occasional/daily parking), subsidy requests and car pooling
  • An administrator interface, including the administration of parking spaces, parking requests, mobility subsidy requests and accounting

Commute analysis guarantees fair allocation of parking spaces

  • Door-to-door route options by considering the relevant means of transport and their many multimodal combinations
  • Combinations via multiple relevant nodes such as train stations, public transport stops, P+Rail, P+Ride and bike+Rail
  • Based on real, up-to-date location and connection data
  • Criteria such as trip time, usable time, cost (monthly and annual subscriptions), emissions, quality of connection and corresponding filters
  • Custom configuration according to organization’s preferences and rules as well as any particular connections (e.g. shuttle bus) and regions

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