Artificial intelligence, cloud and digital identity fuel the digitization of healthcare

Healthcare offering from Netcetera hits the nerve of the times

Our experts identified three forward-looking focus topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, and Digital Identity. Netcetera successfully follows these trends and offers customers highly secure solutions that comply with all regulations and data protection laws.

Digitalization in the healthcare sector continues to progress successfully. Leaner business processes, efficiency, and above all data security are the goals of digital healthcare. Discussions with participants at this year's DMEA, Europe’s most important conference for digital healthcare, confirmed the trend topics Netcetera is pursuing in digital healthcare: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Digital Identities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – unstoppable

Artificial intelligence is not a flash in the pan. It is and will remain an ongoing trend that, while controversial, is forward-looking for healthcare. Meaningful use and application of AI offer opportunities in healthcare to successfully improve processes, minimize error rates, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Artificial intelligence has also proven to be a helpful technology for improved diagnostics. We should not lose sight of the positive effects of AI – despite justified public concerns about certain applications of AI.

In this area, Netcetera is working intensively with gMendel, among others. gMendel is a start-up working on improving the analysis of rare genetic diseases. Read more about gMendel, their platform Phivea® and how Netcetera makes a great contribution to society with their technological competencies – Machine Learning Algorithm: Diagnosing Rare Genetic Diseases with AI.

Cloud in Healthcare

Cloud – servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, instead of a local server – is a widespread, consolidated theme in the digital world. In healthcare, it allows medical data to be stored securely and used and analyzed efficiently. Essential in other industries, in healthcare there is still a great deal of skepticism about cloud solutions. Data security and data protection are the big focal points here. Some of the many legitimate questions are: Does the cloud protect sensitive healthcare data? Is confidentiality guaranteed?

However, it is becoming apparent that the operation of solutions in the cloud, or SaaS, will increase in the future. Three main reasons for this are, on the one hand, the lack of skilled workers: a constant theme throughout the IT industry. On the other hand, the complexity of the operation: this requires both the right know-how and skilled workers. And third, established regulators and standards that provide security in dealing with data protection and data security.

Netcetera is well-versed in dealing with the cloud and covers the three essential points. It also uses cloud platforms itself, for example by offering digital payment services in the cloud – with the highest quality and security standards. Cloud enables us to meet customer needs flexibly, efficiently, and sustainably. For medical staff, this could mean: Storing patient data more easily but securely and error-free, accessing it quickly, and ultimately making decisions more efficiently.

In addition, Netcetera has extensive competencies and experience in the field of security audits. With these competencies, we advise our customers on the setup and provide consistently recognized security standards.

Digital identity

Digital identities provide the basis for a trusted space where a wide variety of stakeholders can communicate securely digitally. However, the use and acceptance of digital identities are still low among the population. Depending on the state, neither the regulatory nor the technical prerequisites are in place. In the coming years, we expect the use of digital identities to increase. This is due to advancing regulations, but also to the user-friendly availability of digital Identity solutions.

Netcetera offers its customers two solutions for the use of digital identities. On the one hand, Netcetera Identity offers identification and authentication with the highest security standards and is successfully in use. On the other hand, the development of an optimal solution in cooperation with the partner Giesecke+Devrient (G+D). They combine G+D's vast experience in international identity and Netcetera's know-how in developing and integrating critical applications. This enables, together with the customers and under given conditions, the optimal development of a solution with a seamless customer journey, which at the same time provides the necessary and required security.