Digital News Publishing Barometer 2022

Cultural change in publishing: The need for digital transformation of thinking

The digital transformation is a challenge for publishers. The Digital News Barometer 2022 shows how the dynamics of digitalisation are forcing publishers to rethink and undergo extensive restructuring.

Digital transformation, i.e. technology combined with new user habits, is fundamentally and continuously changing the media landscape: the development for publishers is rapid, offering countless distribution opportunities, numerous feedback channels and more competition for attention than ever before.

However, not all publishers and editorial teams have adapted to the digital age in journalism: How can the digital transformation of the newsroom succeed and what changes are necessary in a publisher's engine room to achieve this?

The "Digital News Publishing Barometer" offers publishers and technology providers guidance on what is important in the digital transformation from a technical, strategic and cultural perspective. The exploratory qualitative study uncovers the fundamental developments in the German-language news publishing market in an open process.

18 publishing experts from publishing houses and the publishing environment answered a guideline-based interview on digital change in the publishing business. The interviews were analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Current data from other studies and specialist articles supplement the study contextually.

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