Forward Publishing Framework

As Netcetera already operates many large regional and national newspaper portals with Forward Publishing, we never start from scratch when implementing a delivery platform. For the typical, partially standardized requirements, there are reusable modules that can be used directly in a new setup.

Portal Design

When creating the portal design, we rely on a proven set of standard elements, enabling fast and cost-efficient implementation. Early and good collaboration between portal designers and UX and front-end developers results in efficient solutions that are easy to maintain.


The heart of the Forward Publishing Framework is web delivery. By this we mean the high-performance display of pages and articles on the web portals. Based on the published content and the designs provided for content elements, the pages are generated and cached according to SEO rules. The infrastructure is redundant, high-performance and scalable, so that the portals can be accessed at any time without any problems.


We provide a simple paywall solution that is perfect for so-called Plus models. More complex versions can then be added to the basic paywall as required via our individual development.

Most-Read Articles

One element that is used as a teaser list in the vast majority of playout portals is "most-read articles". Articles that receive a lot of attention over a certain period of time are listed using a dynamic evaluation logic. The list is used in a dedicated teaser element that can be placed prominently as "most-read articles". Our framework provides a prepared web service for generating these lists.


In order for Google to find and index portal content, various "sitemaps" with defined structures must be available. Incomplete, non-existent or incorrect overview structures can result in a loss of visibility. The resulting loss of traffic means a lack of advertising revenue. The tried-and-tested Forward Publishing modules cover both the creation of sitemaps for existing content archives with millions of articles and the dynamic indexing of current content in accordance with current SEO rules.


With a dedicated "Redirect App", we integrate a tool for the editorial management of all types of redirects. This includes all historical redirects, for example for content from a previous system, as well as short URLs for special pages, including SEO-optimized HTTP server responses.


The continuous import of standardized, external content is covered by our feed import module. Many agency formats are already integrated as standard and can be adopted without additional effort. New or additional formats can be implemented quickly and easily.


Forward Publishing offers a native white-label news app for iOS and Android as an additional playout channel. The page and article content is integrated as a "web view" in a slim, native framework for the navigation elements, as well as other specific app functionalities, such as sharing, subscribing to push notifications, etc. The web presentation of the content is fed from the responsive presentation of the web portals - there is no need for channel-specific preparation. It is also possible to manage the app in the respective stores.