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The future of prototyping and front-end up front

Our User Experience experts Aleksandra Hristov and Marcel Kessler shared experiences and best practices of front-end implementations and an outlook on the future of prototyping.

The future of prototyping

Marcel Kessler shared his vision of the future of prototyping at UXCamp in May 2019. He believes that it will not be Sketch/Invision or Figma, but some tool that works directly with code, that takes react components directly from the Git repository. He demonstrated UXPin Merge, a tool that is in closed beta phase, and had a short look at other tools like Framer X and Alva.

To Marcel’s presentation on slideshare.

Front-end up front

Aleksandra Hristov talked about our experiences with pattern libraries to improve the communication between designers and developers at JavaSkop at the end of March 2019. She showed that it is important to include the whole team and the client into the planning phase. Other questions that she answered: How to plan and build components that can be used in different contexts and within other components with examples from real projects. How we have used UX design principles to ease our front-end implementations with code examples using the latest CSS features and Angular.

To Aleksandra’s presentation on slideshare.

Marcel Kessler at UXCamp. Picture by Claudio Schwarz, claudioschwarz.com

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