Netcetera PIDS

Provide the information your passengers really need

Passenger Information Display System

Looking for a next-generation solution for providing your passengers with the information they need at the station? A solution that can be implemented easily and customized to suit your passengers’ needs?

Netcetera Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) empowers transport companies to finetune the information their passengers see and interact with, without depending on costly hardware-software bundles. Our PIDS Player (passenger facing frontend) is compatible with the latest hardware of your choice in order to display the required screen displays in-browser. In addition, our state-of-the-art PIDS CMS allows detailed configuration of the screen displays that passengers see. The PIDS Hub, or the backbone of our product, processes and transforms the data flows from our customers’ standard public transport data sources.

The result is satisfied passengers who are informed about all departures and disruptions – in an easy, fast and simple way.


Hardware-independent PIDS Player frontend

Customizable screen configurations with a set of predefined templates

Display of transport-related or any other given content in real-time

Unique configuration URLs

Uptime monitoring for individual screen configurations

Integration and transformation of standard public transport data sources

Stand out from other transport companies by bringing tailored content to your passengers with our flexible solution, compatible with any hardware. Developed with consumate experience and industry knowledge.

Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient and easily scalable solution
  • Flexible software product with no hardware dependency
  • Easy screen configuration with a broad range of customization options
  • Option to trigger real-time disruption messages
  • Avoid costly maintenance of end-of-life systems
  • Holistic passenger information

Your customers' benefits

  • Accurate information in real-time
  • More precise information through custom messages
  • Intuitive layouts
  • Complies with Swiss Disability Discrimination Act, DDA

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