Netcetera is compliant with JCB, the Japanese payment brand

Netcetera opens new business opportunities for its customers by expanding its card network family with the Japanese payment brand, JCB. It is the world’s only international payment brand originating in Japan and Netcetera becomes a JCB-certified Third Party Service provider (TPP).

With its Access Control Server (ACS) certification today, Netcetera has become a fully certified payment solution provider worldwide, after completing the testing and the JCB certification for their 3DS Server and 3DS SDK products back in 2018.

JCB has over 150 Mil cardmembers. Its cards are accepted in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, with international partnerships and membership in many global alliances.

Netcetera aim to enable its customers with as many possibilities for growing their businesses as possible, thus cultivating the e-commerce progress worldwide. With JCB certification, the Swiss payment expert supports secure and frictionless consumer authentication of online transactions for all JCB cards worldwide.

Netcetera payment products are ready for all world major card networks, including VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, and UnionPay. Having Netcetera as a partner means that the issuers and banks can easily integrate with its 3DS ACS to support strong authentication according to card networks’ and governments’ regulations, to offer a seamless cardholder experience and increase the number of successful transactions.

The Company’s compliance with international payment brands allows customers to grant more payment options and access to an extensive customer base worldwide. This step is aligned with Netcetera’s mission to constantly improve its product portfolio, cultivate great relationships and to initiate new business opportunities with positive impact on the overall e-commerce growth. 

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