Digital News Publishing Barometer 2023

Production and playout in the age of AI

Distribution is more important for publishers than ever before. How are publishers currently distributing their content and what role does artificial intelligence play in this?

While many media companies are still in the initial phase of digital transformation, i.e. the path to "digital first", the next phase has already begun. Generative AI took off this year and brought a much stronger dynamic to the digital market.

This doesn't just affect publishers, but in particular, as they have almost traditionally lagged behind technological developments. In last year's study, we were able to show that a successful transformation requires not only new technology, but above all a cultural change: the digital transformation of thinking.

In the second edition of the Digital Publishing Barometer, we therefore look at the connection between production, playout and AI in publishing. How are publishers positioned? Do they have a strategic plan? What are the opportunities and risks?

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