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Desk-Net offers a comprehensive content planning platform for editorial and communications teams. With features such as task management, including assigning tasks to freelancers, and content strategy planning, they support efficient coordination. The platform enables seamless integration with CMS and other media tools to ensure a smooth workflow. 

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"It is very pleasing to have Netcetera as a partner whose team, like us, understands the current changes in the publishing industry. And who shares our philosophy that software landscapes must be more modular, simpler, more open and more flexible in order to be successful."
Robert Dönges, Partner and Integration Manager Desk-Net GmbH

As a partner in AI, metadata, and innovation for their customers, they offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. The ConceptCore system provides advanced auto-tagging and metadata management capabilities, streamlining content organization and discovery. Additionally, the Personalization & Recommendation Engine 2.0 delivers tailored content suggestions based on individual user preferences, ensuring a more personalized experience. Moreover, the Contextual Advertising with IAB Taxonomy enables targeted and responsible advertising, enhancing audience engagement while adhering to industry standards.

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“iMatrics is honored to collaborate with Forward Publishing, integrating future-proof and innovative solutions vital for publishers navigating the ever-evolving, competitive landscape of digital media.”
Fredrik Lundberg, Head of Marketing, iMatrics


Their modern digital content creation and publishing system serves as a comprehensive hub for key newsroom workflow support. From article creation and editing to page management, content distribution, and topic planning, the platform streamlines every aspect of the process. With seamless integration of digital news products on a unified system, they offer a headless CMS delivered as a Managed Service. Their intuitive technology features an attractive UI that promotes focus and creativity. 

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“Livingdocs is an innovative software company that aims to solve the content creation process for publishers and communication professionals. Through the partnership with Netcetera, Livingdocs can concentrate on its core competence and knows that integration is in good hands.” - Gabriel Hase

Thanks to its flexible system, markstein tango can be used in various scenarios. markstein is therefore suitable both for customers for whom print takes centre stage and for customers who prefer a content-centric (content first) or digital-centric (digital first) approach. As an SME, we are able to offer customers customised solutions and also ensure that markstein integrates seamlessly into existing landscapes.

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"Customer-orientated, pragmatic, innovative: the collaboration between Forward Publishing and markstein is based on shared values. Our solutions form a perfect match for a well-rounded overall offering for publishers and media companies." - Dr. Marcus von Harlessem

tickaroo's live tool is designed to increase retention, media time and engagement. Through intuitive and engaging operation, including the use of the Mobile Reporter App, tickaroo enables a seamless experience that allows users to participate from anywhere. They also offer customised design options for live blogs and live tickers that can be seamlessly integrated into the publisher website or news app.

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"The collaboration with our partner Forward Publishing by Netcetera is characterised by a seamless workflow between their core CMS and our liveblogging tool. Through our joint efforts, we have been able to make significant progress, particularly in the integration of Tickaroo Liveblog and also in the optimisation of processes and workflows for live reporting in the newsroom. Our successful projects, including case studies with renowned clients such as kicker, SZ and Aschendorff, clearly demonstrate the added value and efficiency gains that our partnership with Forward Publishing by Netcetera enables for these clients."

Naomi, CEO Tickaroo

WunderMind presents the genAI endpoints, which comprise three powerful modules: the SEO AI module, the Marketing AI module and the Journalism AI module. The SEO AI module optimises content for search engines by automatically generating SEO-optimised titles, descriptions and keywords. The Marketing AI module enables the targeted creation of social media posts for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, while the Journalism AI module supports journalists in the creation of articles and interview ideas. These AI endpoints offer 14 applications to automate and increase productivity, saving an average of 47 minutes per article. Trained by its own data sets and hosted in its own cloud, WunderMind also offers AI training and individual Data & AI Strategy consultations to optimise the use of data and open up new possibilities in content production.

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"Our collaboration has shown me and let me experience: exceptional professionalism and a coolness factor. These are people you not only enjoy working with, but also want to enjoy a beer with in the evening, complemented by their vast experience."

Lukas Görög, Founder, Predictea Digital / WunderMind

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