What to do about the lack of specialists?

The shortage of skilled workers is a hotly discussed topic in politics and business in Switzerland. But just how big is the problem, and what actions should be taken to handle it? The Swiss management association's magazine, SKO-LEADER, took a look at this question. Regina Vogt, Head of Human Capital Management at Netcetera, explains how Netcetera finds talented employees.

The shortage of skilled workers could soon become the biggest stumbling block for a competitive Switzerland. According to the latest Global Competitiveness Index from the World Economic Forum (WEF), our country is still considered one of the most competitive. However, the shortage of skilled workers is a growing threat.

Many companies complain about the shortage of skilled workers, but take little action themselves to counteract it. The use of employer branding as a strategic instrument for positioning a company as a potential employer is still relatively uncommon. Equally rare is stringent HR marketing demonstrated in meaningful job advertisements, impressive career websites and well-thought-out recruiting strategies.

Positive examples do exist

There are also other approaches, as evidenced by the software company Netcetera with 350 employees internationally. Surprisingly, they currently have no problem filling open positions. Employee networking works well there and the company is also seen as an attractive employer. «Indeed, we incorporated this objective into our corporate strategy years ago. We have been working on constantly improving our attractiveness as an employer» says Regina Vogt, Head of Human Capital Management at Netcetera. In so doing, they also forged new paths. For example, Netcetera first writes up open positions internally in order to capitalize on the relationships of employees to their work colleagues and stays in contact with employees after they have left. This has earned the company the reputation as an interesting employer. The company also sponsors the long-running IT-dreamjob awareness campaign and at the same time does an outstanding job educating many of its own young talents.


Read the full German article in the 1/15 edition of SKO-LEADER magazine

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