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Digital journey through the Swiss Museum of Transport

CEO Andrej Vckovski testing our Media World app

We are helping the Museum of Transport in Lucerne get going on the road to digitalization: We developed the app for their Media World attraction. The app is the perfect companion for this interactive world of experiences. Our CEO Andrej Vckovski tested the app together with the Marketing and Communications team at the beginning of November.

The Media World of the Museum of Transport invites visitors to discover the multifaceted world of media. The professional TV studio is the heart of this interactive world. Here visitors can experience the opportunities offered by media technology firsthand. During our visit we produced our own show. We managed the recording from the director's desk and switched live between freely chosen backgrounds in the so-called green box.

Virtual reality glasses are available in the lab. They allowed us to experience far off places and events as if we were right in the thick of things – from taking flight in a helicopter to going on an adventurous snowboard ride.


Andrej Vckovski produces the Netcetera show in the studio
Jumping over rooftops with virtual reality glasses

An additional highlight of the interactive world is the 360° photo booth, which creates three-dimensional full-body pictures. 36 cameras snap pictures simultaneously and recorded our entire team from all sides.

Travel companion Media World app

Using the app we developed, visitors can also expand their Media World with additional features. In the app, anything that is produced on-site can be stored in a personal account. This way users can access their own clips even after their visit is over. The app also contains comprehensive information on the interactive world, a "best of" collection of must-see visitor clips, and an overview of Media World events.

The app brought along some challenging requirements: due to the viral spreading of the clips produced in Media World in social networks, the usage varies greatly. Also, different kinds of devices and bandwidths need to receive the best possible quality. That’s why we implemented the backend with user administration with cloud technologies. Noteworthy are especially Microsoft Azure as application platform and Akamai as Content Delivery Network. These platforms ensure a good user experience at all times

Loging in to the app via touch screen at the entrance
Using the app we designed, visitors can dive headfirst into the Media World: Additional information, a "best of" section with must-see clips, share your clips with friends, and events supplement Media World.
360° picture

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