Complete software solution for publishing houses launched

After establishing the strategic collaboration in January, the software company Netcetera and the CMS manufacturer Livingdocs today present Forward Publishing, a complete solution for media houses and publishers. This solution enables publishing houses to step into a sustainable, digital and mobile-first future.

The challenge for large media houses is digitization and the convergence that goes with it. Forward publishing addresses the associated changes in editorial processes and the contemporary reading experience and facilitates publishers‘ successful digital transformation.

Complete solution with AI and collaboration options

Forward Publishing includes components from topic planning to content creation to publication. Forward Publishing supports the core activities of digital publishing: editorial planning and coordination, content creation and design, playout on various channels, analysis and evaluation of user behavior and monetization through a paywall.

These selected products support media houses in addressing the problems of increasingly distributed teams and journalist networks. Among other things, this enables seamless, simultaneous digital collaboration in an intuitive editor environment (Forward Creation). In addition, personalized content can be deployed directly and without interruptions to various channels and end devices. Based on machine learning models, the publisher can track in real time how readers use content and optimize it accordingly (Forward Analytics). With the Forward Paywall it is also possible to monetize the content and secure the revenue model. Forward Publishing thus empowers publishers to gear themselves towards a sustainable, digital and mobile-first business model.

Two companies, one mission

Forward Publishing builds on Netcetera and Livingdocs' many years of experience in developing modern publishing solutions. They developed various publishing products for the NZZ Media Group and other large publishers. This collaboration, and the resulting blueprint, served as the starting point for an integrated publishing solution. The goal: more efficiency in publishing through tried and tested integrated products instead of costly in-house developments. With Forward Publishing, media houses are ready for tomorrow - today.

"There is no longer one publisher," says Gabriel Hase, CEO and founder of Livingdocs. "Publishers, broadcasters, companies and influencers are competing for attention in a constantly growing information market. But one thing is the same for everyone: the need for a top technical solution that covers all aspects of online publishing. Together with Netcetera, we've done just that."

Andrej Vckovski, CEO Netcetera: "With Forward Publishing we are launching a comprehensive product range for publishers together with Livingdocs that will accompany and empower the media industry on their way to digital transformation."

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