Change in Netcetera’s management board

Darko Butina, member of Netcetera’s management board and its Chief Growth Office, will start new initiative for digitalization and turnaround – DG180

Darko Butina, member of the management board of Netcetera since 2016 and its Chief Growth Officer, is leaving the company end of August 2020 to start his new initiative called DG180 – Digitalization and Turnaround (

“Darko has been instrumental in helping Netcetera get to the where the company is today – including growing from 300 people end of 2015 to over 650 people today. It was a pleasure for me to work with Darko during this period and I look forward to seeing what he develops and builds next,” said Andrej Vckovski, Netcetera’s CEO.

As the member of the management board, Darko was initially responsible for Netcetera’s investments and was heavily involved with the company’s strategy as well. During his tenure, Darko significantly helped the company to develop and successfully implement business strategy for the period from 2016 till 2020. This included reorganization of the company in 2017, which provided base for significant revenue growth during the whole period mentioned as well as for significant strengthening of the company’s product portfolio, especially in the payment security area.

Under Darko’s leadership the company successfully completed several investments in other companies (like Cognism, Securities Grid, Nexperts and others), which have generated significant return multiples.

As Netcetera reached its next development milestone, Darko has decided to leave the company and start the new initiative for digitalization and turnaround DG180. Most of Darko’s responsibilities have been taken over by Netcetera’s CEO, Andrej Vckovski.

With DG180 Darko plans to tackle challenges companies have relating to strategy, turnaround and digitalization, especially in the environment dominated by Covid-19 and digitalization push. Additionally, DG180 aims to support companies with M&A advisory and as sounding board for CEOs. In order to deliver a complete suite of solutions, Darko and DG180 have also partnered up with different companies (i.e. Dlabs – – digital innovation company; Cognism – – sales acceleration platform and others).

“It was a great challenge and honour to help Netcetera grow and succeed in the last 4 years by helping to develop and implement the right strategy and make the right investment decisions. I was very lucky to have had such great colleagues, who made the whole success story possible. But I have felt that the time has come for me to part ways with the company and pursue opportunities in the digitalization and turnaround area with DG180 and I am really excited to go forth and make it a success,” said Darko and added: “And if you and your company need help with strategy, turnaround and digitalization topics, simply reach out – DG180 is open for business!”

Darko Butina and DG180
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Angelika Seiler

Head of Content

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