Digital transformation for publishers: Forward Publishing getting ready for growth

With Netcetera's publishing platform "Forward Publishing" publishers succeed in the digital transformation. The Swiss IT company prepares for further growth in this area and expands its service offering in Germany.

The Swiss IT company Netcetera develops Forward Publishing, an integrated digital publishing platform, in close cooperation with its partners Sternwald and Livingdocs. Netcetera expands the Forward Publishing team to better meet the growing demand from publishers.

The management team around Alexander Josef, Head of Solution Forward Publishing, will be complemented by marketing and sales specialists. Patrik Auf der Mauer has already joined the team. Auf der Mauer, a digital expert, strengthens the management team and advises and supports clients during the integration of the platform.

Netcetera is also expanding the developer teams specialized in publishing solutions at its European locations, including Germany. Local clients will be even better supported in the future.

"We are currently experiencing that the world needs high-quality journalism more than ever. At Forward Publishing we help publishers to continue to operate successfully in the digital age. It makes me proud to be able to contribute my share to this good cause," says Josef.

Benno Häfliger, previously Head of Sales and Marketing at Forward Publishing, is leaving Netcetera and will henceforth focus on other strategic tasks. Häfliger built up Forward Publishing together with Josef over the past three years.

"This development work in the digital transformation of the publishing world at the interface between technology, readers and editors has challenged and fulfilled me over the last years. I am delighted that the product will continue to be developed with commitment and ambition in the future," says Häfliger.

Digital transformation made easy for publishers

Forward Publishing builds on Netcetera's, Livingdocs' and Sternwald's many years of experience in developing modern publishing solutions. They developed various publishing products for the NZZ Media Group and other large publishing houses.

Forward Publishing bundles the best publishing software available on the market for the digital age. The team selects the individual components such as editor, paywall or multi-channel distribution according to the "best-of-breed" principle: Partner publishers thus always work with the latest technology.

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