25 years of Netcetera – 5 years in Germany

Customer proximity and strategic growth

Netcetera celebrates its 25-year anniversary and five-year presence in Germany this year. In 2016, the Swiss holding company established its branch office in Munich to be closer to its customers. It was a complete success: just two years later, it opened a branch in Berlin. With a journey through time – into the past and the future – the international software company thanked its customers and employees at two celebrations.

2021 is an anniversary year of its kind. Netcetera was founded in Zurich in 1996 and celebrates its 25th anniversary and five years of existence in Germany. At the time of establishing this location, Netcetera pursued two goals with its branch office in Munich: Proximity to customers and international growth. Netcetera celebrated this success and its anniversaries in October 2021 with loyal customers in Munich and Berlin. The excitement of reuniting with customers and partners after eighteen months was palpable. Past achievements as well as future ambitions were discussed in a highly joyful atmosphere with an energetic exchange of ideas.

Andrej Vckovski, CEO of Netcetera and Ronnie Brunner, Fellow and Board Member, joined the celebration. Both are founding members of Netcetera and still actively involved in the company. They highlighted various achievements from the past 25 years of Netcetera and answered burning questions on the main stage.

Michael Seifert has acted as Country Director of Netcetera GmbH since the beginning. He is confident about the future of the whole company, as well as the subsidiaries in Germany: "When something is fun and successful, time flies. For five years and nine months Netcetera Germany has delivered continuous growth in the payment sector through reliability, accuracy, and a good team with many strengths. I am now happy that we will also introduce other disciplines to the German market, for some of which we are already the market leader in Switzerland. The journey into the future remains exciting."

Growth in all areas

Netcetera entered the German market with its secure digital and mobile payment solutions. Today, the company is expanding its offering in Germany with other solutions, such as the products Forward Publishing for media houses and publishers or Inspect AR in the field of augmented reality. Netcetera is thus continuing to drive forward its internationalization strategy and is implementing it step by step.

The innovative strength of all employees creates the basis for stability and growth of the company. As the business scales up and Netcetera expands to new markets, the company also strives for growth in employee numbers.  Makedonka Stamatova, Location Director in Berlin, is convinced that Berlin was the right choice for expanding the company’s footprint in Germany “I’m impressed by the variety of the local tech scene, but also the creativity and boldness of the start-ups. Berlin is such a vibrant and inspiring environment with plenty of opportunities for our digital solutions. I am proud of our international and truly diverse community of professionals, all open-minded, pragmatic and product driven. We are contributing significantly to our payment portfolio and recently, we have also been adding expertise in the Digital Publishing stream. Together, we are excited to strengthen Netcetera’s local presence, by further growing the team and expanding the customer and partnership network to co-innovate and make the digital future brighter”.

Netcetera also took the anniversary year as an opportunity to write down and illustrate their history and outlook into the future in a creative style on about 140 pages. Many different protagonists such as founders, current and former employees, customers, and partners tell their stories of Netcetera's journey. With this exciting story, the company says thank you for the last 25 years and looks to the future with strong growth plans and a sustainable product pipeline.

Makedonka Stamatova, Ronnie Brunner, Andrej Vckovski and Michael Seifert looking back and into the future (from left).
The Netcetera story

Michael Seifert

Managing Director Netcetera GmbH

Makedonka Stamatova

Location Director Berlin

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