Netcetera in full compliance with UnionPay

More business opportunities for issuers and PSPs

The UnionPay certificate means even more business opportunities for the issuers and payment service providers, safer online ecommerce environment, as well as relaxed shopping for the cardholders.

Starting from January 2022, Netcetera becomes a UnionPay certified Third Party Service provider and is fully compliant with UnionPay, the world-leading card network, with issuance in more than 75countries and regions.

Back in 2020, Netcetera has successfully completed the testing and certification with UnionPay for their 3DS Server and 3DS SDK products and with the certification of its Access Control Server (ACS) today, it becomes a fully certified solution provider for issuers, payment service providers and acquirers, worldwide.

The Swiss software company, Netcetera, an expert for digital payment solutions, and a market leader for 3-D Secure is now bringing its UnionPay certified payment products globally to more than 125 markets, available for the best usage of its customers.

“Our goal with the certification and partnering with the world’s biggest schemes, is to provide our clients with more possibilities and to make improvements in e-commerce worldwide. The UnionPay certification will substantially improve user experience for e-commerce, promoting secure and frictionless consumer authentication for online transactions with all UnionPay cards worldwide.” says Peter Frick, the Managing Director of Secure Digital Payments at Netcetera

The Netcetera 3DS ACS is ready for all major card networks worldwide, VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners and UnionPay. Having Netcetera as a partner, means that the issuers and banks can easily integrate with the Netcetera 3DS ACS to support strong authentication according card networks’ and governments' regulation, offer a seamless cardholder experience and increase the number of successful transactions.

This step is fully in line with Netcetera’s mission, which is constant improvement of its product portfolio and support of its customers in establishing a great relationship with their end customers.

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