Why does every bank need to revise its mobile offering for now?

Insights from our mobile wallet expert Tobias Ott

1. Keep the connection to your customer

By closing physical branches, replacing customer service agents with chatbots, and moving banking services to the digital channel, banks’ relationships with customers become increasingly indirect, making contact points scarcer.

Where banks make room, Bigtechs and Fintechs step in. Thereby, banks risk to become interchangeable, providing just the necessary infrastructure in the background unseen by their customers.

Collaborating with an experienced software partner like Netcetera allows banks to outsource the necessary work to build and maintain a secure and appealing mobile channel to their customers. It enables them to use their resources on what really matters: Their customers.

2. Serve the needs of your different customers

Considering the demographic developments and the increasing digital adoption of banking services, banks must ensure that seniors retain access to the financial services they need.

On the other hand, today’s teenagers will account for over a third of the workforce in 2030. Thus, banks have to address their future customers with attractive features. This will differentiate them from emerging FinTech competitors.

With more than 25 years of experience in software design, Netcetera develops mobile solutions that create a positive user experience for all kinds of customers in every phase of their life. This ensures a fast take-up of apps and the adoption of new services.

3. “Bank embedding” instead of “Embedded Banking”

The trend of embedded banking services in non-financial platforms erodes banks’ revenue streams. Banks must strengthen their market position by incorporating value-added services into their mobile offering.

With a modular app platform, services such as in-app shopping possibilities, cash-back solutions, financial literacy tools, digital receipts, and personal financial management, can be integrated in no time and with minimal effort.


Netcetera’s ToPay Mobile Wallet is a ready-made, modular white-label mobile app for iOS and Android. The wallet enables banks and card issuers to offer their customers all services around acquiring, user-friendly management and use of their payment cards via their mobile device.

The ToPay Mobile Wallet has recently been awarded by Juniper Research as ‘Best Digital Wallet’ and by the analysts of Aite Novarica Group in the category ‘Value-added Services’.

Tobias Ott is Head of Sales Digital Banking at Netcetera

Tobias Ott

Head of Sales, Digital Banking

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