Passenger information and ticketing without boundaries


Wemlin is Digital Mobility.

Commuting to work or taking trips -  we have again become more mobile in the last decade and need reliable yet flexible solutions for our travels with the public transport system. The passengers want smart apps and expect to always be informed very accurately.

Anytime, everywhere and quickly.

With the Wemlin Product Family, we accompany the people travelling by public transport from passenger information to ticket purchase.


Wemlin - Information and Tickets for Public Transport

  • Wemlin HUB and POS brings public transport information – easy, fast and independent of time and place
  • Wemlin Mobile gets you the latest timetable information on the entire network on your smartphone
  • Wemlin for Tickets - secure, quick and easy to use
  • Wemlin Tickets "Tablet Vendor": tabletbased and lean for smaller points of sale
  • Wemlin Disruption Manager informs about disruptions to the transport network


Wemlin TicketsWemlin Tickets

Simple, secure, handy – Buy tickets on your smartphone

No spare change? And no ticket machine in sight? Or anyway: the best way to get a ticket! Our solution is Wemlin Tickets. With only two clicks, customers buy the right ticket securely and in no time at all.

Learn more about Wemlin Tickets here

Wemlin Tickets "Tablet Vendor"

New: the same tickets range as used for Wemlin Tickets is now available via our "Tablet Vendor" for sale by bus drivers and small shops like kiosks e.g. The "Tablet Vendor" is a lean and tablet-based solution for when tickets have to be sold quickly while still allowing for customer advice.


Wemlin Mobile ApplikationenWemlin Mobile apps

Stay on top of local transport

Keep fully informed at all times with Wemlin apps for iOS, Android or Windows, desktop, tablet or phone. Wemlin gets you the best available timetable data: if there is no real-time data available, Wemlin shows the most current plan data.

Learn more about Wemlin Mobile here




Wemlin POS Wemlin POS

Timetable displays via web browser

Our browser-based display shows all departure times for a particular station or stop. The display is highly configurable and can be adapted to different display sizes, numbers and type of departures and much more. The application is just perfect for displays at stations and stops, but also in shopping centers and other public or private spaces.

Learn more about Wemlin POS here


Wemlin HUB

Timetable and real time data for your passengers

Wemlin HUB is the data center for the Wemlin Family. It provides a host of public transport data, allows for their enrichment and serves different formats and channels.

Convert HAFAS data to GFTS

We have many years of experience in data conversion. With our high-performance servers, we can convert your timetable data into a Google-friendly format at any time.

Learn more about Wemlin HUB here


Wemlin Disruption Manager

Deal quickly with disruptions.

A quick to use admin tool with useful features provides websites, apps, DFI displays and PassengerTV with fault messages via a single interface.

Learn more about the Disruption Manager here


Support contact

Send an E-Mail for suggestions or problems.


Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise

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