Symphonies and Bernese dialect rock

Great sounds with Netcetera Cultura

Variation. A project orchestra with 80 music enthusiasts. Project #14 - Itz mau Apocalypse. An unforgettable, unconventional concert.

The combination of the symphonies of Gustav Mahler and Edgar Varèse with the songs of the Bernese dialect rock band Kummerbuben, conducted by Droujelub Yanakiew.

Variation, a high-quality and enthusiastic ensemble, regularly puts together such unusual combinations for a great concert program. Also this year.

The "Project #14 - Itz mau Apokalypse".

In 2004, music enthusiasts founded the Variation project orchestra for like-minded young adults. The orchestra now has 80 members whose strength lies in their courage and joy of experimentation. Each year they conduct special concert projects in which they creatively combine their symphonies with other art forms and parts of music.

The success of Variation and its concerts is evident every year in the wide audience that they reach and in the sold-out concert venues.

Great that we were able to participate in so much creativity with Netcetera Cultura.

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