Netcetera’s launch of a 3DS Server instance in Mumbai to boost e-commerce businesses in India and APAC

The new 3DS Server instance of Netcetera and G+D in India represents a key pillar in the growth of many global businesses that strategise expansion on their own. It empowers merchants to access the spending potential of millions of cardmembers worldwide.

In response to the dynamic landscape of digital transactions and the growing demand for secure, efficient, and locally compliant payment solutions, next to its stable presence in Frankfurt, Germany, Netcetera has established a new 3DS Server instance in Mumbai, serving India and the APAC region.

This initiative aims to cater to client’s unique needs and addresses specific requirements to support them in their strategic global expansion imposed by the regulatory environment in India. It facilitates secure payment services by aligning with India’s data sovereignty regulations, ensuring compliance with on-soil requirements.

The deployment of the new 3DS Server in Mumbai will significantly enhance service latency for clients in the APAC region and India. With service provisioning closer to the client’s environment, Netcetera anticipates a noticeable improvement in transaction speeds, providing users with a seamless payment experience.

Next to data sovereignty compliance, it reduces downtime during maintenance. Aligning with the time zone of the new region will minimize potential downtimes during peak hours. This ensures uninterrupted service availability, prompt assistance and effective issue resolution for merchants, even during essential maintenance activities.

“Netcetera’s global presence and innovative technological solutions make us an ideal choice for e-commerce merchants who value secure and fast transactions. The new 3DS Server instance supports our clients’ businesses and their strategy for global expansion; it gets them closer to the potential of these huge markets and offers additional and valuable secure payment options in India and the APAC regions. We are making it easier than ever for global businesses to sell to customers in this region.” 

Hanspeter Jsler

Managing Director of Netcetera Singapore, covering India and APAC

Partnering with a high-quality provider, such as Netcetera, with a long-term track record in the payment industry, ensures reliable, secure, and locally compliant services. It offers the end-users a consistent and trustworthy payment experience.


Being a trusted software division of the Global SecurityTech G+D, Netcetera is committed to redefining the e-commerce experience. We envision a future where every aspect of online shopping is a journey marked by security, ease and satisfaction.

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