Experience Netcetera

Netcetera is what it is because of our talented people, our "Netceterians". Here, our employees tell us a little bit about why they chose Netcetera and what they think makes it stand out as a great place to work.

Kathrin - Senior Software Engineer

"I've always appreciated that people's input and ideas are valued and that we're encouraged to develop in our role. The flexibility we are given allows a healthy balance between work and private life".

Niklas - Senior Software Engineer

"I like the flexibility we get at Netcetera.I consider a lot of my colleagues as friends, which makes work fun and it's easy to discuss if there are any issues or if we're stuck with something.”

Dejan - Senior Software Engineer

"Netcetera is not a company of software engineers and managers. Netcetera is a place where baristas, magicians, beer makers, bikers, musicians, paragliders, pilots, and gamers work… who happen to be IT experts as well".

Sarah - Senior Software Engineer Secure Digital Payments

"...working on very interesting and payment specific technical topics which it would be otherwise hard to even get information access to, getting deep insights into the payment and banking industry, working with team members spread over several countries and also traveling to these countries."

Magdalena - Senior Software Engineer Secure Digital Payments

"With the educational system at Netcetera, every year you have some professional and personal goals, which you should reach - this prevents stagnation which is quite important in our profession."

Tanja - Senior Product Manager

"I searched for a stable but vibrant company where your voice is heard and you can have an impact as a Product Manager. The last years with Netcetera have proven that I made the right choice."

Michael - Senior Product Manager

"To me, Netcetera provides a great opportunity to get involved and influence much more than just your job. The organizational structure allows for participation and opportunities for personal growth far exceeding that of other companies."

Tamara - Senior Software Engineer

“Netcetera’s core values of fostering collaboration, continuous education, and work-life balance are what initially attracted me to the company. A diverse footprint, new technologies, and challenges that enable me to grow are proof that I’ve made the right choice.”

Apprentices & Interns

Every person who joins us at Netcetera has a unique impact on the company journey, no matter what career level they are at. We think everyone’s story is worth listening to and we are curious to see how they continue. We talked to our interns and apprentices and had them share their stories, which you can hear below.

Nick & Aaron

Aaron: During my apprenticeship at Netcetera, I was able to extend my professional experience, meet new people and learn a lot naturally.

Nick: During the training, I was given the freedom to acquire knowledge on my own. In case of problems, if something was unclear or I had open questions, someone experienced from Netcetera was always at my side.

Zoé Galeuchet - Application developer in training

What's it like to be an intern at Netcetera?



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