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Supporting valuable projects with Netcetera Cultura

We take our social responsibility seriously and give something back. We support socially valuable projects in the areas of culture, education, community development and leisure. Young talents benefit from our internships and apprenticeships. We promote the Swiss ICT sector with our experts’ knowledge and sponsorships.

With Cultura, we commit to culture, education, recreation and society. We support cultural events. But we also welcome valuable projects in other areas, such as environmental protection, sports of all kinds, social projects, education and much more.

If you have a brilliant idea for an event or an activity close to one of our locations, ask us for a contribution.

Conditions and application

How can I receive support for my project?

Please send us a brief description of your project via e-mail, including the budget. Please comply with the formal requirements indicated below.

We process the applications we receive on a continuous basis. The review takes some time, therefore we urge you to apply at least three months before the implementation of the project.

Acceptance or rejection of projects is usually communicated within four weeks after we receive the application. Netcetera Cultura makes the financial resources available within six weeks after acceptance of a project. The Cultura commission does not render an account of its decisions.

What is the level of potential support provided by Netcetera Cultura?

Grant amounts are usually between CHF 500 and CHF 3,000. As long as Netcetera can provide meaningful support for a project, non-monetary contributions will also be granted. Netcetera Cultura does not require exclusivity in the project sponsorship and will also support projects that already have sponsors. However, we would like for our support to provide a significant contribution to the success of the project.

You commit to the following if you accept the support:

  • confirm receipt of the support contribution.
  • implement the project according to the schedule or inform Netcetera Cultura about any changes.
  • prepare a financial statement after implementing the project and send it to Netcetera Cultura.
  • create project documentation and provide it to Netcetera Cultura.
  • if possible, refer to the Netcetera Cultura support in a suitable manner, and submit the plans for this to Netcetera Cultura for approval before publication.
  • allow Netcetera (and its group companies) to publish information about the support in any media at any time.

Formal requirements for your application:

  • Please note that we cannot process incomplete applications
  • Application must be in English (preferred) or in German / Macedonian
  • Description of project (approx. 2 pages)
  • Budget information
  • List of all sources of funding and sponsors
  • Project schedule

Send your application to this e-mail address.

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