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Martin and Milena in front of University in Skopje

We take our social responsibility seriously and give something back.

We support socially valuable projects in the areas of culture, education, community development and leisure. Young talents benefit from our internships and apprenticeships. We promote the Swiss ICT sector with our experts’ knowledge and sponsorships.

Articles and talks by our experts

Our experts share their knowledge with the IT community in countless publications, interviews and presentations.


Our specialists form part of an extensive network within the IT industry. They are members in professional associations and nonprofit organizations. Regular community events and contacts with leading experts ensure that our network is constantly growing – to your benefit. For example, we are members of ICTswitzerland, the Java User Groups JUGMK and JUGS, Swiss ICT, swiss made software, smama - Swiss Mobile Association, Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open) and Germany's association for IT and Telecommunications Bitkom.


With our sponsorships, we support the IT community, encourage young talents and advance the ICT location Switzerland.

Netcetera Cultura

With Cultura, we commit to culture, education, recreation and society. We support cultural events. But we also welcome valuable projects in other areas, such as environmental protection, sports of all kinds, social projects, education and much more.

If you have a brilliant idea for an event or an activity close to one of our locations, ask us for a contribution. Learn more about the conditions and application here.

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