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Company Info

AirPlus International, subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa, is an international provider of business travel management solutions. They offer customers the possibility to track their travel expenses digitally, no matter where they go or which registered card they use. AirPlus simplifies the daily management of business travel and other purchasing services in 49,000 companies worldwide.


The challenge

In 2020, AirPlus needed an all-in-one wallet app to allow their customers to use their corporate cards online and track their expenses.


The solution

Netcetera already had a solution at hand with the ToPay Mobile Wallet. Our engineers worked to adapt the app to customer specifications, allowing users to have a clear overview of transactions, quick approval of purchases with one tap and using it as an offline solution. The app also offers convenient 3D-Secure transaction authentication when paying with stored cards. 

“We wanted to make it easier for the customer to handle corporate expenses and achieved that with Netcetera. They came in with a white label wallet and 3D-Secure solution and allowed us to customize features just the way we wanted. We feel very well supported in the partnership: Netcetera understands our business and translates it into user friendly solutions, for our customers and for us.

We are looking forward to great future collaboration. “

Ulrich Danz

Head of Research and Development at AirPlus International

Features and benefits of Netcetera ToPay Mobile Wallet

Convenient whitelabel solution

For digitally storing payment cards

Flexible, modular and customizable

According to your requirements

3-D Secure authentication

For all stored cards

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Matthias Johannes Salmon

Business Development Executive

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