Wemlin app automatically calculates supplementary zones

Public transport authorities simplify ticket sales with Wemlin Tickets

The new Supplementary Tickets function of the Wemlin Tickets smartphone app is smarter than ticket machines. After storing their pass details, travelers only have to enter their destination to buy a supplementary ticket.

Wemlin Tickets calculates the necessary additional zones, so travelers always buy the right ticket. Seven public transport authorities now rely on the Wemlin app for easy and convenient ticket purchase: Baselland Transport, Lucerne transit agency, Fribourg public transport, Bern Lötschberg Simplon Rail, St. Gallen transport authority, and most recently STI Thun transport authority and Schaffhausen transport authority.

Supplementary tickets are available in many public transport networks to allow monthly or yearly pass holders to cover extra zones. With conventional self-service ticket machines, customers have to use a zone map to determine the necessary additional zones. That leads to many mistakes. The Wemlin Tickets smartphone app from Netcetera simplifies the purchase of supplementary tickets and ensures that travelers buy the right ticket.

Travelers can enter previously purchased zones and passes very easily in the app. After the destination is selected, Wemlin Tickets automatically calculates the necessary extra zones. That enormously simplifies the purchase process by saving travelers the trouble of consulting zone maps to determine the required ticket. It also avoids mistakes due to incorrectly determined zones or wrong route/transfer data. Of course, travelers can still purchase supplementary tickets in the usual way, by selecting the required number of zones directly and consulting the zone map if necessary.

«There is a high error rate with supplementary tickets bought from ticket machines. I am very pleased that the new function of our public transport tickets app öV-TICKET makes it much easier for our customers to buy supplementary tickets, totally in line with our tickets app slogan ”child’s play”.» says Beat Nater, Manager Sales & Marketing at Lucerne transit agency.

Day tickets multipack

Wemlin Tickets offers even more: along with conventional single tickets, multi-trip tickets and supplementary tickets, travelers can now purchase multi-day tickets with Wemlin Tickets. Night owls and people travelling after 9am also benefit. They can purchase their night surcharge or 9am day ticket conveniently with their smartphone. The existing childproof function with a password is now supplemented by Touch ID for easy authentication with the user's fingerprint.

Convenient ticket purchase in most Swiss public transport networks

Seven transport authorities are simplifying ticket purchase in public transport networks: Baselland Transport in the Northwest Switzerland public transport network (TNW Tickets), Lucerne transit agency with the Passepartout public transport network (öV-TICKET), Fribourg public transport (TPF), the Libero – Bern Lötschberg Simplon Rail public transport network (LiberoTickets), the Ostwind public transport network of the St. Gallen transport authority (OSTWIND Tickets), STI Thun transport authority (STI Tickets), and the Flextax public transport network of the Schaffhausen transport authority (Flexi Ticket). Travelers can pay securely and easily with all commonly used credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), the PostFinance Card, Swisscom Easypay (mobile account), and soon Twint.

«We are proud that Wemlin Tickets now covers most public transport networks in Switzerland, making local public transport ticket purchase much easier and more convenient for travelers,» says Ronnie Brunner, Head of Products at Netcetera.


The apps can be downloaded from the app stores free of charge.

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