Celebrating our 20 years anniversary in UAE

10 years of transforming the region into a digital hub

At the end of November we celebrated our 20 year anniversary at our location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In addition, we also celebrated our presence in the Middle East: we have been advancing the digital transformation of the region for 10 years now.

A delicious dinner, games and bands made the evening unforgettable. We also want to give something back and donated to Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organization working to improve children’s’ access to quality primary education in developing countries.

Great location in Dubai center
Exchange in a great atmosphere.
Entertaining games...
... with happy winners.
Music from Netcetera founders!

Media Release: Middle East digital transformation on rapid pace

By 2025, the region is estimated to have 160 million potential digital users

The Middle East’s digital industry is currently enjoying continuous growth fuelled by increased enthusiasm from consumers who are ready to quickly embrace new digital offerings, thus transforming the region into a potential digital hub.

By 2025, the Middle East is estimated to have 160 million potential digital users that will largely contribute to rapid economic growth as more countries in the region with higher GDP are able to spend more on digital adoption.

Andrej Vckovski, CEO of Netcetera, a Swiss-based software company specialized in software products and custom solutions, said that the readiness of the UAE population to adopt new technology and the capacity of government leaders and organisations to spend on technology will position the Middle East into a rapid digital transformation.

A recent report published by the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) and conducted by PwC noted that digital transformation could generate US$16.9 billion in extra revenue each year for companies in the Middle East from 2017 to 2021, as well as a further US$17.3 billion in annual cost savings and efficiency gains.

“The last decade saw the accelerated pace of technology in the region. The business environment and steady growth of the UAE economy were perfect for Netcetera to establish presence in the region and it has been a very good business decision. After an initial phase driven mainly by technology, with our clear industry focus we have established a strong position also in the vertical markets. Today, our strong industry-knowledge is combined with our ability to successfully master technical challenges in the digital age,” added Vckovski.
Netcetera was established in Switzerland in 1996 and expanded into the Middle East in 2006 after seeing the high level of digitization in the region. As expert for payment security and convenience, future mobility and digitalization, the company’s solid base of customers include the banking, healthcare, transport, media, insurance and the energy industry.

The company excels at providing custom solutions for large-scale projects. The team oversees the entire life cycle of a company’s IT system: from strategy to software development and operation. “Inquisitiveness and curiosity that go far beyond the IT department are hallmarks of our employees. This makes it easy for them to be up to date, genuinely understand clients’ needs and efficiently translate them into forward-looking, useful applications,” said Vckovski.

“Through thorough planning, we ensure that the solution is perfectly suited to the business environment and forms a solid foundation for future needs. Further, we take on project risks via fix price models or agree on individual financing models together with our customers. We offer cost flexibility also with our established nearshore development model,” explained Vckovski.

A pioneer in digital transformation, Netcetera’s unique mix of Swiss engineering quality and knowledge of the local market contributed to the success of the company which is now planning to expand in other region. “The experience Netcetera gained in the Middle East helped us grow in the other regions and advance the company in a way that would not have been possible without it. We are proud that we gained the trust of our customers and established ourselves as relevant partners in the respective markets.”

Netcetera is proud to offer a wide range of digital solutions, for example the timetable planning software for SBB, the first mobile payment app, the trouble management system ESISplus for ewz, the live voting tool DirectPoll, or the e-wallet Tellwa.

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