Digital processes without friction in healthcare

Accelerating internal hospital communication

Digitally optimized processes are an opportunity for the healthcare system - for patients, service providers, and insurers. Because new technologies can increase efficiency and quality. A digital service request, for example, digitalizes and automates the process for all patient-related orders, thus speeding up communication and reducing hospital costs.

Hospitals have a wide variety of orders and requests. A completely digital order management system covers all steps of a hospital's service request - without friction caused by paper or telephone. This brings more efficiency and effectiveness and reduces costs:

  • Ordered services are displayed automatically, appointments can be confirmed or changed.
  • Services performed can be acknowledged and the results of laboratory tests, endoscopy, or radiology, for example, are entered directly into the electronic patient file via digital order management.
  • Nursing staff on the ward receive clear work lists. Consults from other departments can be requested directly and results and documents are made available in the electronic patient record.
  • Complete overview of all services provided to patients.

A completely browser-based digital service request offers enormous potential. This means that services can be requested on stationary PCs as well as via the ward round trolley or mobile devices.

Since the company-wide introduction of digital order management, it has been much easier for everyone involved to place orders and maintain an overview. This high level of digitalization makes internal communication and interaction more transparent and traceable.

Juri Toffol

Head of Department Medical Services from the University Hospital Basel

Controlling patient-related orders centrally

The digital order management Order Entry, the digital service request solution from Netcetera and the i-engineers, optimizes internal hospital processes and accelerates communication processes. Hospitals can control all patient-related orders centrally from one system.

With over 90 predefined order types, hospitals can manage examinations and therapies, record medical orders, and ensure targeted communication for all staff involved in the treatment process - whether on a PC or tablet.

Netcetera and the i-engineers' digital order management interfaces with the internal electronic patient record, specialist applications, and the hospital's primary systems for managing patient-related processes and workflows.

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