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Looking for simple and reliable self-service tools for your customers? The Netcetera financial calculators are an online tool providing answers to your customers' most common financial questions, which is at the same time efficient for you and effective for your customers.

Swiss-market tailored

White-label solution

17 different calculators

Fast time to market

Web browser solution

Available in 4 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT)

Why Netcetera's online calculators?

Win new customers

Leverage the potential of the customers using the calculator

Optimize operational costs

Self-service tool independent of working hours

Increase customer engagement

Use your digital channels for additional customer interaction (more information, appointments, next steps)

Use cases

Young professional

I am a young professional at an exciting point in my career, but with new responsibilities.

How can I figure out my savings? Plan my retirement fund? File taxes and have something left over to enjoy my free time? Travel and figure out how much I can spend?


I can use my

  • Savings and budget calculator
  • Currency exchange calculator


I  have just gotten married and am excited to start a family. I have a lot of financial questions to answer- how can I finance a bigger home? Can I afford to cut down on hours to spend more time at home? What options do I have?


I can use my

  • Property calculator
  • Income and assets calculator


I am a happy retiree who is planning my finances. How can I track my pension and investments?

If I want to leave my family a nest egg, how can I do that?


I can use my

  • Investment returns calculator
  • Inheritance and gifting calculator
  • Provision?

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