Jump-Start of 2021

Netcetera Cultura supports biking expedition and young sports talents

Through Netctera Cultura we commit to culture, education, recreation, and society. We support cultural events, but we also welcome valuable projects in other areas, such as environmental protection, sports of all kinds, social projects, education and much more.


Cultura Macedonia had a great start in 2021. Already, two of the projects that we supported had a successful realization. Read more about the activities and how we were able to help these projects.

Daring Cycling Tour to Kilimanjaro

Cultura Macedonia supported a daring cycling expedition of Macedonian cyclists that conquered Kilimanjaro. The expedition included 3 cyclists and 3 hikers, plus additional guides, porters, and cookers that were a requirement by Kilimanjaro Park. The trail consisted of different landscapes, a varying climate that went from hot sun exposure to cold and heavy snow. This challenge took the team from the African Jungle to the mountainous terrain at an altitude above 3200 AMSL.

After 4 days of extreme conditions (14th -17th February) and experiencing hot African sun, thick fog, heavy rains, and snow, the crew was finally able to reach the top of Africa – Kibo, at an altitude of 5895 amsl. There the team of Nikola, Lazo, Irina, Filip, Kiril, and Ilija waved the Netcetera hiking flag among others.

We are happy that our company was part of this incredible journey of endurance and helped the team in their extreme endeavor.

Supporting Young Basketball Talents

As part of the Netcetera Cultura program in Macedonia, we supported a basketball tournament for kids. The tournament КОШ 2021 / Basket 2021 was organized by the sports club MVP from Skopje on April 2nd. A total of six clubs participated in the tournament, which was dedicated to players below 16 years of age. The teams were divided into two groups, after which the best two teams proceeded to the semi-finals. The winner of the tournament was the team FMP Academia.

The event was organized following the Covid-19 protocols, and it brought a little excitement during these difficult times for culture and sport. Our support was highly appreciated, and it made a difference in the realization of this event.


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