How to sell your company

Start-up lecture by our Chief Investment Officer Darko Butina

On 27 June, our Chief Investment Officer Darko Butina held a start-up lecture with practical advice and first-hand experience on “How to sell your company” in our office in Zürich.

You will find the presentation on Slideshare.


At this lecture you will:

  • learn all about the 10 step process of selling the company,
  • get loads of practical tips from first-hand experience,
  • learn how the process looks like (from real-life perspective),
  • find out what you should be vary of,
  • get insight in what kind of valuation you can expect.

About the speaker:

Darko Butina is Chief Investment Officer of Netcetera. In the past, he has managed several companies from different industries generating from 0 CHF revenues to over half a billion CHF revenues. He has also funded and managed start-ups, raised funds for them, saw them fail and also saw them succeed. Among other achievements he led Slovenia’s biggest e-commerce player through turnaround to the largest exit for such company in Slovenia and the region. Darko is also active in the start-up community for more than 10 years, sharing his experiences and knowledge with start-ups around Europe. He currently spends his time between Zurich and Ljubljana.

This lecture is free for all members of the start-up community. The venue is Netcetera’s offices at Albisriederstrasse 80a. Refreshments will be offered. Please register via this e-mail address

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