The latest on tokenization and 3DS SDK

Our payment experts share their knowledge with the community

Our experts presented the following topics at MPE (Merchant Payments Ecosystems), a leading payment conference for merchants and PSPs on 19 – 21 February in Berlin:

Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Payment, presented the latest on eCommerce tokenization and EMV Secure Remote Commerce.
Click here for Kurt’s presentation.

Suzana Kordumova Nikolova, Senior Software Engineer, explains how SDK enables a seamless 3-D Secure e-commerce experience.
Click here for Suzana's presentation.

Kurt Schmid during the panel discussion.
Suzana Kordumova Nikolova (on the right) during the panel discussion.
Kurt Schmid presenting the latest on tokenization and EMV SRC
Suzana Kordumova Nikolova shows how to implement a seamless payment experience with 3DS SDK

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